Tradition II IM6 Spin Rod Blanks


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With the new IM6 material combined with PACBAY standard actions and our popular color scheme, these blanks continue the tradition created by meticulous research and development for the original PACBAY line of blanks. The rich matte gray color works well with the wide variety of new guide and thread colors available today.

modellengthactionsecline wtlure wtbutt diamtippowerblank wt
T2SP6005'slow11-41/32-1/80.244.0UL0.60 oz.
T2SP6015'mod12-41/32-3/160.274.0UL0.70 oz.
T2SP661-25'6"mod22-61/32-3/160.294.0UL0.80 oz.
T2SP721-26'mod22-61/8-1/40.324.0XL1.12 oz.
T2SP723-26'mod24-81/8-15/160.304.5L2.00 oz.
T2SP7806'6"mod12-61/16-1/40.324.0UL0.95 oz.
T2SP781-26'6"mod22-61/8-1/40.324.0XL1.41 oz.
T2SP782-26'6"mod24-81/8-5/160.333.5L0.95 oz.
T2SP784-26'6fast26-151/4-5/80.526.0M1.80 oz.
T2SP843-27'fast24-101/8-3/80.354.0ML1.90 oz.
T2SP1085-29'fast28-201/2-2 1/20.525.0MH3.40 oz.
T2SP1086-29'fast215-251-30.535.5H4.00 oz.
T2SP1088-29'fast215-301-40.637.0XH6.20 oz.


Pacific Bay

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Dimensions2 × 2 in

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