Arctos Spinning Rod Blanks


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PacBay Arctos Spinning Rod Blanks

Metallic Brown Satin

The Arctos series is PacBay’s latest release in the rod blank line up. These blanks provide the perfect combination for anglers who want a range of actions in a ModIM7 graphite. Countless hours of testing have led us to a feel that is unmatched on the water from small streams to deep oceans.

Rod Specs

modellengthactionsecline wtlure wt.tipbut diam.powerblank wt.
ASP6305’3″slow11-41/32-1/840.35UL0.65 oz
ASP6315’3″slow12-41/32-3/1640.37XL0.73 oz.
ASP6325’3″mod12-61/32-3/1640.37XL0.82 oz.
ASP6905’9″mod11-41/32-1/840.38UL0.78 oz.
ASP6915’9″mod12-61/8-1/440.39XL0.87 oz.
ASP6925’9″mod14-81/8-15/1640.40L0.95 oz.
ASP6935’9″fast14-81/8-15/164.50.45ML1.03 oz.
ASP7506’3″mod12-61/16-/144.00.39UL0.88 oz.
ASP7516’3″mod12-61/8/1/44.00.40XL0.98 oz.
ASP7526’3″fast14-81/8-5/164.50.40L1.15 oz.
ASP7536’3″fast16-151/4-5/8450.46ML1.22 oz.
ASP8116’9″mod11-41/32-1/84.50.40UL1.03 oz.
ASP8126’9″mod14-81/8-5/164.50.40XL1.18 oz.
ASP8136’9″fast14-101/8-3/84.50.40L1.35 oz.
ASP8717’3″mod12-61/8-1/44.00.41UL1.17 oz.
ASP8727’3″mod14-81/8-5/164.50.41XL1.33 oz.
ASP8737’3″fast16-151/4-5/84.00.39L1.52 oz.
ASP1055-28’9″fast28-201/2-2 1/25.00.50M2.95 oz.
ASP1056-28’9″fast215-251-36.00.59MH3.14 oz.
ASP1057-28’9″fast215-301-46.50.61H3.52 oz.

Additional information

Weight32 oz
Dimensions88 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

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