Arctos Spin Jig Rod Blanks


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PacBay Arctos Spin Jig Rod Blanks

Metallic Brown Satin Finish

The Arctos series is the latest release in PacBAy’s line up. These one-piece Spin Jig Blanks are fast action IM7 ranging from 5’9″ to 7’3″.

Rod Specs

modellengthactionsecline wt.lure wt.tipbut diam.powerblank wt.
ASJ6915’9″fast16-101/16-5/164.50.45ML1.03 oz.
ASJ6925’9″fast16-121/8-3/85.00.44M1.05 oz.
ASJ6935’9″fast18-153/16-5/85.00.45MH1.37 oz.
ASJ6945’9″fast110-171/4-1 1/45.50.47H1.63 oz.
ASJ7516’3′fast16-101/16-5/164.50.46ML1.22 oz.
ASJ7526’3″fast16-121/8-3/85.00.44M1.27 oz.
ASJ7536’3″fast16-121/8-3/85.00.46MH1.60 oz.
ASJ7546’3″fast18-153/16-5/85.50.47H1.91 oz.
ASJ8116’9″fast16-101/16-5/164.50.45M1.49 oz.
ASJ8126’9″fast16-101/16-5/165.00.46MH1.86 oz.
ASJ8136’9″fast16-121/8-3/85.50.47H2.14 oz.
ASJ8727’3″fast16-121/8-3/84.50.46ML1.59 oz.
ASJ8737’3″fast18-153/16-5/85.00.45M1.70 oz.
ASJ8747’3″fast18-153/16-5/85.00.46MH2.1 oz.
ASJ8757’3″fast110-171/4-1 1/45.50.48H2.49 oz.

Additional information

Dimensions2 × 2 in

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